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Play this random Cbbc quiz game thing. If you have been watching Cbbc in your life and you probably have then I hope you find this very fun and cool man.

This is a quiz where there are no wrong answers but you will 100% get a totally wicked result because you are totally cool so check out your Cbbc character result or whatever.

Created by: chocolatefrog
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  1. Who's the earliest Cbbc puppet you can remember?
  2. Favourite presenter?
  3. Do you know what program Nev was first from? (he was from Smile)
  4. Have you seen Goosebumps?
  5. Favourite vampire?
  6. Favourite song?
  7. Ch-ch-chucklevision favourite phrase?
  8. Favourite Chuckle brother?
  9. Pick one of Tracy Beaker's best friends
  10. Which Tracy Beaker kid do you think has the most computer games?
  11. Pick a careworker
  12. Which Arthur character would you be?
  13. Favourite dog?
  14. There's a viking in my bed
  15. Favourite Serious?
  16. What's your favourite food?
  17. In Scooby-doo we're about to catch a ghost and have to use someone as bait, who shall we use?

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