cats of all kinds, become a warrior today!

find out witch warriorcat of my own creation you are. you could be Sweetleaf, Fireclaw, Barney, Cleverstar, Darkwave, Mosstail, or Ripplemoon. Enjoy the quiz!

this quiz has alot of questions but they are all short. please enjoy this and make shure to do some of my other quizzes! tell your friends about this awesome quiz!

Created by: BerryFlower

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what rank are you?
  2. kittypet?
  3. fur color?
  4. if you chose '' none of the above ''
  5. tom or she-cat?
  6. if you could choose the first half of your name...
  7. now the seccond half...
  8. do you want a mate? [ GIRLS ONLY!!!! if u are a boy select idk ]
  9. what is your personality? TELL THE TRUTH!
  10. want kits?
  11. whats your faveorite color?
  12. introvert or extrovert?
  13. witch word has meaning to you?
  14. what fresh kill is delicous to you?
  15. how do you hunt?
  16. witch food group?
  17. wait, did u say tom or she cat?
  18. last, say who u want. it will give you a better chance to get who u want.

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