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first of all, i want to sorry for bad grammar and spelling. for a high schooler like me, translating is the second hardest thing after algebra. This is my theme for this quiz and, if i get a lot of quiz taker, for few next.

Hey The Hunger Games' fans, why don't you take this quiz to know them better? There's plenty of your favorite character's quotes, two sessions of questions, so enjoy.

Created by: TearOfSun

  1. "Remember who your enemy is."-who does the quotes belong to?
  2. "A bit more muted. More like... Sunset."-who does the quotes belong to?
  3. "Maybe we had all better be careful where we step."-who does the quotes belong to?
  4. "I have to do it. At least once."-who does the quotes belong to?
  5. "Isn't it strange that I know you'd risk your life to save mine, but I don't know what your favorite color?"-who does the quotes belong to?
  6. "Remember, girl on fire. I still bet on you."-who does the quotes belong to?
  7. "I guess I must have been distracted by keeping your little friends alive while you were.. What, again? Getting Mags killed."-who does the quotes belong to?
  8. "I want to put a lot of distance between me and that water before the lightning hits. Just in case Volts miscalculated something."-who does the quotes belong to?
  9. "Aim higher in case you fall short."-who does the quotes belong to?
  10. "Whatever happened in the past is in the past. And no one in this arena was a victor by chance. Except Peeta."-who does the quotes belong to?
  11. "Nor the lightning natural lightning, and nor the tree real tree. You know trees better than any of us, Johanna. It would be destroyed by now, wouldn't it?"-who does the quotes belong to?
  12. "It's better than hunting them down in the jungle, anyway. And I doubt they can figure out our plan, since we barely understand it ourselves."-who does the quotes belong to?
  13. "Seems you'd have figured that out, since you nicknamed him Volts and all."-who does the quotes belong to?
  14. "But really, can you imagine Beetee garrotting somebody?"-who does the quotes belong to?
  15. "I always channel my emotion into my work. That way, I don't hurt anyone but myself."-who does the quotes belong to?
  16. Which one is Katniss Everdeen's?
  17. Which one is Peeta Mellark's?
  18. Which one is Gale Hawthrone's?
  19. Which one is Haymitch Abernathy's?
  20. Which one is Finnick Odair's?
  21. Which one is Johanna Mason's?
  22. Which one is Primrose Everdeen's?
  23. Which one is Effie Trinket's?
  24. Which one is President Snow's?
  25. Which one is Beetee's?
  26. Which one is Wiress'?

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