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  • you didnt mention Durham :/

    lizwisler11 Mar 18 '12, 5:00PM
  • Samisussy you live in north. Caralina and they don't.they cant even spell patata. Like a country folk

    bluestat Mar 3 '12, 10:30PM
  • Idiot I am from there,person that recorded California girls was Katy Perry,and potato is spelt patata if your a true north Carolinian.
    I'm not an idiot I can read

    bluestat Mar 3 '12, 10:27PM
  • Got 90, missed the sports questions, I don't watch sports

    ares703 Oct 29 '11, 11:27PM
  • nuthin about rockingham on this quiz :(

    tom70296 Mar 27 '11, 3:11PM
  • TO HARD 4 A 5TH GRADER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    smile258 Jan 4 '11, 6:58PM
  • Well...
    didn't do so good - stupid pop culture! :)
    I live in Morrisville ( You've probably never heard of it, Morrisville isn't even the width of the Walmart that takes up half of it! Heck, my next door neighbor is in Durham, and hasn't even heard of it!). Hey, at least I know my Latin!

    P.S. Esse Quam Videri means "To be, rather than to seem to be." NOT "To be, rather than to seem."

    Amariah Jun 26 '10, 10:01PM
  • Liked the site, except I would have loved it, had it taught me something by telling which ones I missed and by giving the correct answers.

    starstone9 Nov 19 '09, 8:51AM
  • I think alot of you lied and just googled.

    Minus Jan 28 '09, 3:33PM
  • for cute blonde: Mt. Airy was made famous by Andy!!

    blu iis Sep 19 '08, 4:53PM
  • guys..are got really good results.
    i only got 79%.
    oh well.
    i've only been living here for 3 years.

    samisuessy Jul 27 '08, 12:58AM
  • awesome quiz...

    (dogfrea k101, the real town A. Griffith made popular as "Mayberry" is *Mt. Airy*)

    cute_blonde95 Jun 21 '08, 8:33PM
  • Hey, if you are reading this comment, I'd like to know what real town in North Carolina Andy Griffith made the tv show town 'Mayberry'. I don't know, and would like to. If you can tell me, write in between these: ( ). Say: (Dogfreak101, the real town A.Griffith made popular as "Mayberry" is *Town*) Thankyou!!!!!!!!

    Dogfreak101 May 14 '08, 9:07PM
  • Tar Heel born, but Wolfpack by the Grace of God. I got 100% but I'm over 60 so no surprise there. Have lived in NC all my life except for 3 years Army time at Ft. Jackson SC, Ft Devens, Mass, VietNam and Ft Wolters, TX. Go State!!

    Ed HR Apr 23 '08, 9:41PM
  • Is there anyway to find out the ones that were missed.

    ealston Feb 4 '08, 3:10PM
  • I loved the quiz. I made 92% which is embarrassing since I taught 4th grade NC history when I first started teaching back in 1991. If you don't use it, you lose it.

    ealston Feb 4 '08, 3:10PM
  • I was born and raised in NC, but haven't lived there since 1962. Nevertheless, I scored 100%. Still a Tarheel at heart.

    RickJ Jan 28 '08, 11:34PM
  • North Carolina is the best state! I have lived here all my life and I ain't never moving out.

    jman Jan 1 '08, 10:34AM
  • i thought this quiz was about south carolina!north carolina stinks!south carolina is where greatness resides!steven colbert!

    fantazygirl Dec 31 '07, 1:11PM
  • Am just a bit disappointed that those of us over 60 are lumped into one category, unlike those under sixty. In taking quizes for S.C. and Ga. I achieved the same results. I guess that means I and equally planted in all three states.

    sam_etu Dec 19 '07, 3:53PM
  • 100% Go Heels!

    caroltyndall Dec 17 '07, 8:58PM
  • Born and raised in NC but have not lived there since 1960. Scored 84%. Would love to know which ones I missed. Some questions were kinda strange. Still love the "Old North State".


    Christine Dec 14 '07, 1:20AM

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