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Are you a Canterwood Crest fan? Have you ever wondered what team you would be on if you were in the CCA riding team? Well now you can find out! With quiz, so what are you waiting for?

This quiz is for the members of my site... [no urls] ao the can find out what riding team they are on! And you can too! Also... join my site! [no urls]

Created by: Sasha Silver
  1. In really life, do you have any horse experience? Please tell the truth. No one is watching you ;)
  2. If you ride English... What can you in riding?
  3. Which clothing item do you NOT use in English horse shows?
  4. What piece of tack are you not allowed to use at horse shows?
  5. What piece of tack does Mr. Connor not allow his riders to use? (Mentioned in Take The Reins)
  6. Which is the last Canterwood book that will me from Sasha's point of view?
  7. Who is the Trio?
  8. A Safety Stirrup is...
  9. A horse must be...
  10. What is Canterwood Crest?

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