Can your One Direction Infection be cured?

There are many people who have One Direction Infection, but is yours cureable? If you want to know, take this quiz to see if it is or not. This quiz is accurate.

The higher your results are, the least One Direction Infection you have. Are you ready? I am! Good luck and have fun! I hope you get some awesome results!

Created by: Siennaloves1D

  1. Do you love One Direction?
  2. What are their names?
  3. What are there albums called, from newest to oldest?
  4. Who quit the band and when?
  5. How were One Direction formed?
  6. What are one of their song names that got to their first album?
  7. Another random song
  8. Last question: Name a One Direction song
  9. JUST KIDDING! where are One Direction from?
  10. Bye! If you get high, then you can cure it very easily or you don't even have One Direction Infection, and if you score low, then you can't cure it at all. By the wau, this is accurate.

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Quiz topic: Can Ir One Direction Infection be cured?