Can you touch a chicken?

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Okay, so in this quiz i will use my charming whit via the questions in this quiz to determine weather or not you a physically able and fit to touch a chicken!

Sooo just take the [totally awesome] quiz, and then, when your ready to find out the Answers click the submition button thinggy to find out if you can or cannot touch chickens! ... there 175!

Created by: Weaux

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  1. Hi im Weaux and this is my first quiz!
  2. This quiz is about touching chickens okay?
  3. Have you ever touched a chicken? ...i have (see pic in description)
  4. That chicken belongs to one of my very distant cousins?
  5. Im going to type some gibberish K?
  6. mzxsmgfdghgglooooopfddh?
  7. ok thats enough gibberish...Whats your favorite chicken?
  8. Do u even like chickens?
  9. How many feathers could a chicken feather if a chicken could feather feathers?
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Can I touch a chicken?