Can You Survive My Mind?

there are a lot of people who can surviving my mind...can YOU if you said yes lets just see about that..if you said NO you have no chance you tiny weakling.

Can YOU survive my mind? Do You have what it takes to climb the bobo tree.can you not only survive but thrive in my mind..if you said yes..lets just see about that

Created by: sapphiretwirl

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  1. When you wake up the first thing you see is a cute fluffy bunny.What do you do?
  2. After you incounter with the bunny you see a box on the far side of the room labeled DO NOT OPEN. what do you do?
  3. You decide to open it you find supplies like knives,guns and, ammo.what do you take?
  4. After you take the supplies you see a door on the other side of the room but theres a marble in your way.what do you do?
  5. After you go through the door your in a forest what do you do?
  6. While your walking through the forest you hear some rumbling in the bushes.what do you do?
  7. After you hear the rumbling in the bushes it come out of the bushes and you see that the bunny from before has followed you.what do you do?
  8. After your second incounter with the bunny you incounter a wounded camper.what do you do?
  9. After you take the camper to your camp you see the bunny coming close to the wounded camper.what do you do?
  10. You later decide to let the bunny come close to him after the bunny is next to the camper you see the bunny's eyes glow blue. what do you do?
  11. The next day the bunny's eyes glow blue again and it seems to be healing the camper.
  12. after the bunny has healed the camper its time to go to bed,you hear a ruffling sound in the middle of the night.what do you do?
  13. you get annoyed by the ruffleing and go see what it is,it appeares to be the camper leaving.what do you do?
  14. the next day you set off on an adventure with your new pet bunny but you feel a disturbance its you alarm clock you wake up and it was all a dream

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive My Mind?