modern war survival

This is a test of two kinds how long you may survive in a combate mission and my ability to make a quiz so keep in mind that this is my second one and i'm still trying to work things out

How many missons can you survive well I don;t know ethier so don't ask me and take the stinkin quiz seriesly take it and leave comments... why are you still reading this go go now!!!

Created by: Ryan

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  1. you're orders are as follows search and destroy target, use any and all nessecery force. What do you do to destroy the target?
  2. you're comfronting a terrorist with a hostage with a gun to his head what to do what to do?
  3. what is the most lickly startagy you would use in combat?
  4. What do you thinck you're wepon specialty is?
  5. You're standerd M16 jammes on a sniping mission what do you do now
  6. choose a way of bombing a target
  7. witch of these is you're first target to take if givin the opportunity
  8. choose a job
  9. you here 10...9...8 what is the fist thing you do
  10. last Q who is most lickly to betray you're trust

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