Can You Survive DreadOut?

You've seen The game, Why not Take The quiz to Survive DreadOut. This quiz does not Just contains tips, But it is Also a trivia to test if You really can Survive.

Can You Survive? People Say it's Easy and simple. Why don't You try Out This quiz? In a Short time, You Will Just find out in an Easy way! Don't worry, because it's not That Hard!

Created by: Jen

  1. What are The Tiny ghosts called?
  2. What are The Names of Linda's camera?
  3. How to defeat a sundul bolong.....
  4. Weapons besides cameras?
  5. Who is Miss Siska?
  6. Would You prefer to fight Red Lady or pocong Radja
  7. How to kill The Red Lady?
  8. Can You kill The Second sis?
  9. Can ghost posses?
  10. Who is The babi ngepet?

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive DreadOut?