Can you survive D-Day

Many young men died on June 6 1944. they sacrificed there live to defeat the Nazi menace. Some survived and all a permanently scared by the memories of war.

Still some soldiers were captured and sent to Nazi labor camps until the end of the war. Some never returned. P.O.W***M.I.A You are never forgotten!!!

Created by: EmmaL1nd
  1. what kind of soldier do you want to be
  2. how strong are you
  3. how much gear do you have with you
  4. what beach are you landing on
  5. are you a medic (Question 1)
  6. what rank are you. ( people with higher rank were targeted)
  7. are you someone of importance( medic General)
  8. Do you have experience jumping out of planes. ( para troopers only)
  9. are you good in tactical situations
  10. what gun do you carry
  11. how fast are you
  12. do you have good aim
  13. would you rather stay in a group or go on your own

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Quiz topic: Can I survive D-Day