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  • Your Result: Peaceful Talker
    You have contacted the Alien leader and convinced the leader to withdraw his units. The invasion is over, you have peacefully ended the killing on both sides, the Doctor would be proud of you.

    Hahaha wow :-D

    ThisIsThe8BitMe Jun 15 '15, 2:05PM
  • I went with a bang. LOL

    GemGeometryDash Mar 28 '15, 2:11PM
  • The Doctor should be proud.

    mymum Jul 4 '11, 6:56AM
  • Can you survive an Alien Invasion?
    Your Result: Destroyer of Worlds
    You face hordes of Aliens in an endless onslaught. The Aliens cower in fear of you, you only can bring the Aliens to their knees (if they have any). The fate of the Earth rests in your hands.

    Peaceful Talker
    Out with a Bang
    Alien Menace
    Alien Food

    archxhunta Mar 30 '11, 6:18PM
  • oh yeah! destroyer of worlds! :P fear me aliens *takes out 24 gague shotgun*

    archxhunta Mar 24 '11, 6:47PM
  • Apparantly the Doc is proud of me. Yippy. I like how near the end it becomes like a dramatic story! Well done! And did I spot a Half-Life referrence in there?

    Invisifat Jun 3 '10, 11:58AM

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