can you survive a zombie infection

Have you ever wanted to know if you could survive a zombie infestation? well see if you can you will be be asked where would you go what would you do

Can you do it? Are you ment to be one of the world's final survivors? find out by taking this quiz. It will take thinking and knowlege to live in this zombie infestation

Created by: evan
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  1. You are sleeping when you hear banging on the door you
  2. you know you need to hold out somewhere where do you go
  3. Later on you see 10 people outside 7 army men 3 cops. they are in a huge horde of zombies you
  4. you need to go somewhere else because of all the zombies what vehicle do you take
  5. you are in a windowless room with a pistol and only 5 bullets the zombies are breaking down the door you
  6. who do you travel with
  7. when do you travel
  8. you hear there is a safe place near by you
  9. you run out of gas you
  10. The person you are traveling with gets bit you
  11. what weapon did you use

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a zombie infection