Can you pass the food critic quiz?

Do you think you can pass the food critic quiz?Hmmm,well let's see.Emily is the food critic,you are the chef at the local fancy restaurant.She comes to try out your fine sphegetti.Now it's up to you to try and please her.Try to make an 'A plus'!

I'm Emily,"Hmmmm,this place sure seems nice." you reply,"Thank you.What would you like today Mrs.Rosevell?" she says,"I think I'll try your sphegetti." you respond,"Sure,it'll be 20 minutes!Meanwhile,enjoy an appetizer of devilled eggs."

Created by: Jhera'Ann

  1. How do you make the sphegetti noodles?
  2. How would you prepare the sauce?
  3. Cook your meat.
  4. What else do you do when everything is done?
  5. Do you top your meal off?
  6. "May I have some kind of bread?" asks Emily.
  7. "May I get a utensile?"
  8. A drink?
  9. *Specials?
  10. "May I get some sweet sauce to spread on my bread?"

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Quiz topic: Can I pass the food critic quiz?