Can you outsmart ME?

Well what are you waiting for? Take this test and see if you're smarter than me. There will be some hard questions and there will be some easy questions so I hore you're smart.

Now here's a heads up. I'm only 11 so if you like a teenager these questions might be a little easy. Also check out my other quiz would you survive a zombie attack.

Created by: emma

  1. 356 times 345
  2. How long is a dogs life span.
  3. Correct this sentence: We has an knew remote.
  4. What's the linking verb?: The Fourth of July is the birth date of our country.
  5. Spell the misspelled word correctly: enpchclopidea
  6. What centry did the settlers of Roanoke Island dissapear.
  7. Write an anagram for the word raspy.
  8. Did we evolve from apes?
  9. How many years ago did the dinosaurs go extinct?
  10. 12 times 12

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Quiz topic: Can I outsmart ME?