Can You Meet Over 200,000 People in One Day?

Hola que está tomando este cuestionario para ver si puede comeplir con más de 200.000 personas en un dí­a para tomar la prueba y ver si puede hacerlo. Vamos intentar en vez de sentarse aquí­ leyendo esto tomar la prueba. Ahora. Nnow ir en lugar de leer este.

Translation:hello you are taking this quiz to see if you can meet over 200,000 people in one day so take the test and see if you can do it. Come on try instead of sitting here reading this take the quiz. Now. Go nnow instead of reading this.

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. Do you go outside a lot?
  2. Do you post I'm the forums?
  3. Are you a social person like you talk a lot or you have a lot to say n stuff?
  4. Are you shy
  5. Are you a dare devil?
  6. Do you go on lots of virtual websites?
  7. Do you know a different langage?
  8. Do you speak very loud?
  9. Do you already have lots of friends?
  10. Are you funny
  11. Do you compliment people a lot?
  12. Do you get frustrated easily?
  13. Most important question will you give your all.
  14. Do you give up easily?

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Quiz topic: Can I Meet Over 200,000 People in One Day?