How Deeply Do You Read People?

When you meet a stranger, do you quickly find out all that matters? Could you do this if you wanted to? And just how reliable would those insights be? This quiz can bring you a new perspective. How perceptive are you, anyway?

Reading people deeper, maybe you're already doing that. Or maybe you only THINK you are doing that. If true perceptiveness is your goal you will find many teachers, techniques and books available to help you. Everyone can use them and get some good results. But some people have the potential to be SUPER-PERCEPTIVE. Answer the questions below to find out if you are one of these people.

Created by: Rose Rosetree
  1. Whenever you read a story in the newspaper, do you nod inside and say "How true"?
  2. Do you avoid nodding inside about anything you read (whether yes or no) because this might make you seem crazy?
  3. During daily life, do you go through quite a lot of "Yes, I agree" or "No, I disagree" or "Where is that person coming from"?
  4. Once you form an opinion, do you ever change it?
  5. Do you trust your own opinions more than any other human being's, even Mom's or Dad's or the Pope's?
  6. When you have an important decision to make, do you ask many other people what you should do and then let the majority rule?
  7. Looking back over your childhood, which of these do you remember more vividly?
  8. Stereotypes about sex, age, race, nationality, etc. Do those pretty much cover all you need to know about a stranger?
  9. "Actions speak louder than words." Do you enjoy comparing a person's actions to his words, finding the contradictions or congruence?
  10. Do you constantly explore new ways to understand people, rather than being satisfied with what you had figured out by time you were ten years old?
  11. Do you agree with this statement? "Being too concerned with people other than myself is a sure sign of being either nosy or psychologically disturbed."
  12. Which of the following matters more to you?

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