Can you make a 100?

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This test is just for fun.It is ok if you don't score great because you probably don't know me.But that's what makes it fun!Hopefully you score great but its fine if you don't!

Can you guess the correct answers?Can you figure out what I like?Why not take my test and find out! Its super fun and can test you to know who I am!!!!

Created by: starheart
  1. These are not real questions but if you can pick the items I like best you get it correct! So first question, which sweet?
  2. Which word?
  3. What sign?
  4. Whats my dogs name?
  5. Which animal?
  6. How many siblings do I have!!!
  7. Which ninja turtle?
  8. Whats my favorite color?
  9. Can you guess my real name?
  10. Whats my hair color?

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Quiz topic: Can I make a 100?