Can you get 100% ?

Hey guys! You'll have to bare with me. This started out as a test to see if you could get a hundred percent, but it slowly morphed into a story time. So... Get some cookies and milk I guess xD

OK, I'm really just filling up space and if you're still reading this, I both congratulate you and pity you at the same time. Ok, yeah, that's it.... Mkay go take the quiz....

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Hmmmmm.... What number am I thinking about?
  2. What's up?
  3. What's my favorite emoji?
  4. Pringles or Cheetos?
  5. Ok, I'm sorta bored, so let me entertain EVERYONE, by telling you a true story.
  6. Once, when I was like, fourteen, I went to Walmart.
  7. Sorry, here's the real story lol. I went to Walmart near Christmas, and there was one of those in-store Santa Claus guys there. I have a major fear of people in costumes, so I was flipping out. He thought i was.... (*blushes in embarrassment*) He thought i was flirting with him, cuz I was waving my hands infront of my face and practically hyperventilating. So, he walks up to me and winks, and of course, that only scared me more, so when he said I could sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas... I panicked and kicked him in the crotch and took off running like a psycho.
  8. Another traumatizing story. This one time, I decided to go to the public library, but I was sorta antisocial at that time in my life. So, I was looking through the books, and yknow those people who come up and ask if you're finding everything you need? Well, I was so wrapped up in this book, I didn't realize one of those guys walked up on me, so when he tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention..... I fell backwards on my butt and accidentally broke his glasses. Yeah.... Her didn't bother me anymore after that.
  9. Another story. One time, I thought it'd be cool if I wore a pair of boots with a pair of booty shorts, so, I walked into the building, strutting around and stuff, acting like a model. Well.... I tripped over my own foot, fell face first into a water fountain ( this is at school btw) AND ended up getting detention for breaking dress code. So I had to go the entire school day with soggy hair, and people looking at me like I was a lowly street urchin.
  10. Last story. One time, I thought I'd be cool and show off to my friends by eating a ghost pepper. Surprisingly, it went pretty well, and I set it like candy. Until some of the juice got into my eyes. Then I was, blindly walking around, bumping into walls while trying not to cry and they were laughing hysterically. Jeez, I almost died from embarrassment, until I one of my friends pretended he did the same. ( gotta love overprotective friends)
  11. I lied. One last story, cuz it's too good to leave out. One time, in fourth grade, I won this bet that I could go all day without talking, so at the end of the school day, my reward was a family size bag of Flaming hot Cheetos. Lemme just say, I'm a chip-aholic, and will eat ANY chip in existence within half an hour. When I got off the bus, I'd already eaten half the bag. Over the next hour, I finished it. When I woke up the next day, I was puking this red junk, and I swear, my aunt thought it was blood. So, when she took me to the hospital.... Turns out it was just the Cheetos. Gosh, she was so mad at me lol
  12. Buh byeeeeeeeee

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