Can you get 100%?

Have a conversation with me!!! Now... This conversation is a bet!!! So make this bet with your friends!!! Or, just have fun!!! Do you like a good challenge? Than try this!!!

Your challenge is to try to get 100% on this quiz!!! I bet you can't, but try anyways!!! Have fun!!! Good luck!!! What else should I say... Good bye!!

Created by: Magie Magic

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's have a talk!!!
  2. At six thirty 99
  3. At any place online!!!
  4. This an't a good time!!!
  5. do you know that song?
  6. Hi!!!
  7. I bet you can't get 100!!!
  8. Good luck!!!
  9. But you won't win. Sorry!
  10. You won't!!!
  11. You will!!!
  12. HA!!!
  13. Bye!!!

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Quiz topic: Can I get 100%?