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  • Are you ready for high school?
    [published: Aug 04, 2016, 1 comment]

    Are you nervous, excited, upset, freaked out, ready, calm, or any other feeling about High……

  • Can you get 100%?
    [published: Jul 17, 2016, 1 comment]

    Have a conversation with me!!! Now... This conversation is a bet!!! So make this bet with your friends!!! Or,……

  • Can you waste time?
    [published: Jul 16, 2016]

    Are you bored? So am I!!! So I'll use this quiz to make bored people go out of their minds!!!!!!! First,……

  • Are you the master of kindness?
    [published: Jul 16, 2016, 2 comments]

    There are many kind people. Some are too kind, some are mean, some are in between!!! But maybe……

  • Want to know how to make a Krabby Patty?
    [published: Jul 15, 2016]

    Do you love Spongebob? Are you ready to know the krabby patty formula!? THEN TAKE MY……

  • Bet I can guess your gender!!!
    [published: Jul 15, 2016, 4 comments]

    I bet I can!!! But, mostly, I hope you enjoy this fun Quiz!!! love is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • how smart are you?
    [published: Jul 14, 2016]

    Are your friends bugging you saying you're dumb? Or do you think you're dumb? Want a second opinion? This……

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  • Lol
    "Holy crap! It's been almost a year since I've used this account!"
  • Lol
    "Been awhile since I have used this account. Lol."
  • Percy Jackson Soap?
    "(No. Queen Tasha is my original account. But I use Magie Magic more often.)"
  • Percy Jackson Soap?
    "(I'm Magie by the way. This is my original account.)"
  • Percy Jackson Soap?
    "I could join. I'm thinking of watching the Percy Jackson movies tomorrow so that I can recall more about it."
  • The Elemental Academy
    "After she was done her work, Sue returned to the art room. She sighed and bit her lower lip to hide her smile when she saw the painting. She..."
  • Dogs and Cats
    ""Hi Zora." Cathleen replied as she unpacked her comics, movies, clothes, and laptop. She typed with her tail on her laptop as she took out a..."
  • why am I so ugly
    "LOL! I was gonna say something like that Coldest Sun. But I'm nice so I stayed quiet... I'm kinda glad someone did say it though."
  • Dogs and Cats
    "The two black cats from the bus entered the dorm as Kayla unpacked. One of them chattered and gossiped about their next door neighbor while ..."
  • Dogs and Cats
    ""What's your name?" The panther asked in her deep, feminine, voice. "Cathleen." Cathleen replied, turning off the tv. "You have a quiet voic..."
  • Mirror Life
    "(Yeah. This is my original account.) "Wow. I must be really nice cause you're kind of a jerk." Amy replied with a fake smile."
  • 32 Days
    "52 days till I'm no longer a newbie! 52 days till I've been on for a year!"
  • Mirror Life
    ""Amy is short for Amelia genius." Amy told her."
  • 32 Days
    "Oh... My counting is way off! 52 days!"
  • 32 Days
    "32 more days!"

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