Are you the master of kindness?

There are many kind people. Some are too kind, some are mean, some are in between!!! But maybe you're one of those people who puts themselves first, but always makes sure to be kind!!! A kindness master!!!

So... Now the question is... Are YOU a Kindness Master of all things kind? Or are you just "Normal"? Or are you the Meanest of the Mean!?! Take this Walk in the park to find out!!! Have fun!!!

Created by: Queen Tasha
  1. "A total stranger is crying. You ask what's wrong to be polite because she's a child. She tells you that she's been bullied at school."
  2. You continue on your walk afterward. Are you enjoying it?
  3. Someone passes you. Their clothes are a bit dirty and out of style. They have a huge smile on their face and say "Hello!!!"
  4. he jogs off and you continue. The sky looks like it's getting dark. You won't have time to get home before it rains.
  5. (If you swore) People stare at you, one woman covers her son's ears. They continue to walk along.
  6. (If you chose cab) The taxi driver has an odd smile... His eyes are staring creepily at you... How do you get out?
  7. (If you chose to walk in the rain) You play in a soft, light drizzle. Your other choices come and join you on your walk! You dance around calmly on the way home.
  8. You arrive home. Someone close to you is there asking "How was your day?"
  9. Are you ready for your answer?
  10. Will you rate/like/comment?
  11. Have a nice day!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I the master of kindness?