Can You Be My Dear Josephine?

I am Napoleone di Buonaparte. Better know as General Napoleon Bonaparte I. And I want a Josephine. I want love and heirs and immense passion and I want the millions to drown in their own words. You, being my mistress, may be able to do so.

Can you be my Josephine? Can you give me what I want in return of love and knowledge? I am Napoleon and I do need an heir. Will you be Madame Bonaparte?

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

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  1. Do you not think conquering all of Europe is an accomplishment? Because, you do know that's what I did...
  2. Isn't Napoleon such a cool name?
  3. We shall name my child Napoleon II
  4. Paoli betrayed the fatherland. I am a true leader.
  5. You will be true to me and I will be true to you.
  6. You are now married to me, whether you like it or not.
  7. I will stay away from you from years. I still love you, you better love me.
  8. You shall dress your prettiest, no matter what I look. You shall deny every man except me. You're mine.
  9. Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever. I will have most attention.
  10. Women are machines for making children. And you're mine.
  11. Yes! Throughout conquering everyone and everything, I conquer you too! But I love you...
  12. But, as you know, I'm kinda.... one sided if ya know what I mean. (Not personality wise.)
  13. Also, my height is one of my shortcomings-- Ah Sacrebleu!
  14. I sometimes rabble on about my Corsican heritage. Don't mind me.
  15. Now, mademoiselle, I bid you farewell! Wait upon my return.

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Quiz topic: Can I Be My Dear Josephine?