Can I have some advice?

I need some advice here so bear with me. Thank you for helping me and if you don't help me thank you for at least clicking on this. Please leave some suggestions.

I don't have too many people to turn to for advice so that's why I've decided to turn to the internet. To those of you who choose to help me, thank-you people of the internet!

Created by: deadly silence
  1. I have a small problem and I have no where to turn for advice. Will you help me?
  2. I have a crush on a guy and I'm pretty certain he doesn't like me back. I'm afraid that I'm starting to annoy him.
  3. How do I know if I'm starting to annoy him?
  4. Please help me
  5. None of these answers count for anything
  6. So how are you?
  7. A,B,C,D
  8. 1,2,
  9. 2,4,6,8
  10. This is the last question

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