Can i handle an awkward situation well?

Can you handle awkward situations? Can people make you blush way too easily? Have those numerous fails been a funny laugh to remember, or one you try desperetly to forget?

Half of the questions in this quiz are short scenarios, the others are all very short. My apologies if you think this quiz is a waste of time or if your result is inaccurate. Its my first quiz so tell me what ya think!

Created by: Katrina
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  1. You and a bunch of friends go skating. You know you are terrible at it, and then soon after you fgure out your crush is going too. You fall right in front of him!!
  2. You and your crush finally go on a date! You accidentally spill soda all over your date, and he hasn't said anything to you since.
  3. You and all your friends are sitting around a campfire telling funny stories. Its your turn and by the time your finished with you story, people are staring, no laughing.
  4. Your older brother tells your crush you like him in front of all of his friends. They make fun of you and him and make smoochie faces, what do you do?
  5. You have to do a presentation for the school in three days.
  6. You ask a really stupid question in the middle of class.
  7. Enough of the scenarios, right? Next question; How many awkward situations have you been in recently?
  8. Do you tend to be quiet? Do you try not to be noticed?
  9. Do you do things that are challenging? Even if you know you will fail epically?
  10. You like this guy/girl. Are you likely to make the first move?

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