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  • just because I am sporty and like to eat and watch tv doesn't mean I'm a boy.... sorry :(

    Pugs4liife Sep 25 '15, 8:42PM
  • I didnt chose sporty but i got boy and im a girl

    Mercy ay Nov 29 '14, 4:05AM
  • 88 percent boy?? Seriously?? Oh yea caelan would be a nice boy right?

    harrys babe Oct 20 '14, 11:49AM
  • I like Sports but that ain't mean I'm a boy

    Ceiry Oct 5 '14, 5:30PM
  • YOU GOT ME RONG! just because im sporty and eat,watch tv,ect, doesnt mean i am a boy

    junesher Oct 2 '14, 8:33PM
  • 77% boy, sorry I'm a girl ._.

    Kiki Cx Sep 22 '14, 11:03AM
  • um hello im a boy I got like 90% girl


    alex3000 Sep 14 '14, 4:49AM
  • O_O I'm A Guy And Got 90% Girl... I Am Sad Now...

    TheBoredWriter Sep 13 '14, 9:27PM

    drug_n_hypnotism Sep 13 '14, 2:32PM
  • Yep im a girl u were so right lol

    MaggieEdgell Sep 13 '14, 10:38AM
  • Can I guess your gender?
    Your Result: Boy

    Am I right? Are you a boy?

    Oh yes, Mary Jane is a fabulous boy.

    The Red Rose Sep 13 '14, 9:26AM
  • wrong, I am a girl, sorry.

    miss berry rose Aug 9 '14, 8:42PM
  • i got a sister named ivana shes 94 old and ame :( miss u

    otty Jul 26 '14, 10:39AM
  • exactellly

    otty Jul 23 '14, 3:10PM
  • I'm a damn girl I feel bad...

    Alvarez Jul 21 '14, 1:54AM
  • You got me right (girl) and you didn't use the female/male question

    chocolatefrog Apr 15 '14, 10:47AM

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