Camp Half Blood Love Story part 2

This quiz is the second part of the story/quiz named Camp Half-Blood Love Story part 1. I honestly think you'll like this one a bit more than the first, though you can never be sure.

This quiz is the second half of the story/quiz named Camp Half-Blood Love Story part 1. I honestly think you'll like this one a bit more than the first, though you can never be sure.

Created by: CuriousKitty
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  1. Hello again! If you didn't take the first quiz I I suggest you do but if you did you're free to continue. So you arrived at camp and 6 guys took a liking to you. That's right 6, I didn't count wrong. You're now going to the campfire.
  2. Ok so after dinner you and (guy of your choice) walked down to the amphitheater where the Apollo cabin led a sing-along. They sang some songs about the gods some of them making up lines that made everybody laugh. You ate s'mores and joked around. Someone tossed a s'more at someone else but ended up landing on somebody's lap. They retaliated by throwing it back but ended up hitting another person and thus began the s'more war. S'mores flew in every direction and landed in your hair.
  3. You got Percy square in the face he got you back in the chest. Luke chucked a piece at you which you barely managed to avoid. By the time it was over you looked like a snowman with chocolate smudges and cracker crumbs. You finally felt like you weren't being stared at the whole time and normal for once in a long time. You felt at home. And then you were claimed.
  4. It was supposed to be a small sign of who your mom was but that's not how it happened. You were suddenly shrouded in a pink aura. Your t-shirt and jeans turned into a flowing white dress that went to your ankles and it had a V-neck so low that it ran all the way to a braided gold vintage belt around your waist. Your hair that was once in a messy bun was now a hair down french braid (look up pictures they are so cute), with a gold hair clip holding hair out of your face. Your face was flawless with perfect make up and as for shoes you wore gold greek goddess heels. You had a gold armlet, gold pearl earrings, a gold necklace, and a gold bracelet. And you wanted to get out of that outfit so bad.
  5. Aphrodite, your mother is Aphrodite. "All hail Becca Carter, daughter of Aphrodite goddess of beauty lady of the dove." Chiron said (You've met Chiron already it took you a while to get over the fact that he was a 40 year old centaur)
  6. "There's got to be some kind of mistake," You whispered looking down at yourself though you doubted anyone heard you. Chiron knelt followed by the rest of the campers. You really didn't like the attention you were getting. And as if to make it clear to that it wasn't a joke, a dove came out of nowhere and landed on your finger.
  7. After the campfire ended everyone started heading to there cabins. You had already tossed the jewelry (except the earrings) and taken off the heels. You tried to take your hair out of the hair down French braid but it wouldn't budge. You really wanted to be alone right now so you told the guys...
  8. They leave you alone saying goodnight. You watch them disappear into their cabins and as you start heading to your new one, someone, made a wolf whistle. You turn to where it came from and see some Ares cabin boys leaning against a wall. "Hey Beauty Queen (Me: Sorry Rick Riordan) your face isn't a coloring book chill with the make up." One calls. You look closer and see that it's the same one from last time. "Shock me say something intelligent. You know most people actually drank from the fountain of youth you only gargled. If you had a few brain cells you would know that my mother did this to me. If you ask me I think you're insulting her work, strike one and messing with her daughter." You tisked. "Strike two and just being here in general. Strike three." You snapped your fingers and as soon as you did he was wearing a bright pink dress and heels with pink bows in his hair. You looked at your hand. How did you do that? You wondered. There were some laughs and a few glared at you. He looked murderous. He started towards you but another said "Let it go Mark you'll only make it worse." "You're gonna pay for this Carter." The guy supposedly named Mark said. "I'm sorry I don't fight girls." You said. About 5 guys had to hold him drag him to the cabin before matters could get any worse. Feeling very accomplished you headed to your cabin.
  9. You were extremely tired so you happy to see that everyone was asleep. You took an empty bunk that had your name on it with _____ (your favorite color) sheets and blanket. When you finished making your bed and fell into a deep sleep.
  10. In your dream, you stood on the beach facing the sea. You could practically smell the ocean breeze. You looked around and saw Percy a few feet away. Suddenly you heard a loud screech. A particularly large eagle dove towards a horse its claws poised to attack. You tried to move but couldn't. Percy ran in slow motion towards the two but there was no way he could make it in time. Your dream changed, and then you were watching someone in a mask run through the woods. It appeared that they were being chased by something. You didn't want to find out what that thing was so you followed. You basically ran into the next scene of your dream. You stood at the edge of a pit and almost fell in. You turned around and realized that the thing had followed you. Terrified you took a step back realizing your mistake too late. You fell down the bottomless pit your screams ripped away by the wind.
  11. You woke up breathing heavily and sat up right. "Nightmare?" A girl asked sitting on the edge of the bed. She had dark brown hair, clear tan skin, and eyes that kept changing from brown to blue to green. The girl looked almost exactly like Lucy Hale and she wore a black tank top, denim shorts, and silver sandals. "Yeah but I'm fine though." You said. "I'm Silena Beauregard. Welcome to Aphrodite cabin."She said.
  12. "Nice to meet you Silena." You said both getting up. Silena surveyed your outfit. "If you want, you can change your outfit. The 'Blessing' won't prevent you from changing. Here you can borrow some of my clothes. We're about the same size." Silena said using finger quotations on the word blessing and walking over to her stuff. She came back and handed you a change of clothes. "Thank you." You said thankful to have a change of clothes. You walked into the bathroom you came out wearing...
  13. "Ok so here's our cabin's schedule. I'm pretty sure now you're all set. Well we better head to breakfast." Silena smiled. You, Silena, and the rest of the cabin headed to the dining hall.
  14. "So do any of Aphrodite's have the power to change a persons appearance?" You asked Silena remembering what you did to Mark. "I don't think any child of Aphrodite has had that ability in centuries. Why do you ask?" Silena responded. You decide to keep it to yourself and not tell Silena. "Just a thought." You said not entirely lying. You continued eating your breakfast and talking and laughing with the rest of the Aphrodite cabin. "Look who's got some attention from the Hermes cabin." Silena whispered. You looked up and saw Percy and Luke looking at you. You smiled and waved ignoring the couple of girls who giggled. Now that you thought about it you realized that Percy hadn't been claimed yet. So you couldn't complain about who your mother was.
  15. After breakfast your cabin had monster attacks techniques, where you learned about a bunch of monsters you didn't even know existed. Then again, just a few days ago you were a B+ student who lived a normal life. Next you had archery with Chiron where you got all bulls eyes and split two arrows in half. Then came sword practice where you showed half the people in the arena who was boss. And finally came winged horseback riding where you bonded with a pegasus named Dianari that had brown hair and a black mane. Plus in the arts and crafts you made a bronze snake bracelet that could be used as a whip. (There is a picture for it in the quiz picture thing).
  16. When you got back to your cabin, you were surprised to see a trunk with your name on it sitting next to your bunk. "Your stuff came." Silena said. "Yes!" You said. You decide to go for a walk around camp. So you change into...
  17. You just left the cabin when you heard someone call your name. You turned around and saw Malcolm run/jogging towards you. "Hey, long time no see!" He said as he finally caught up with you. "It's only been a day and a half." You replied. "Well that didn't stop you from picking fights with the Ares cabin." Malcolm smirked. "They deserved it, plus it was self defense." You said defensively. "Ok if you say so." He laughed. "So how do you like camp so far?" Malcolm asked smiling . "I like it. I made this." You replied showing him the 'bracelet'. "Nice bracelet for a daughter of Aphrodite." Malcolm said. You thought, "Wake up," towards the snake, at the thought the snake came to life (still silver) and with the flick of your wrist the snake stretched, wrapped around Malcolm's leg, which you used to flip Malcolm.
  18. "Still think I'm just some daughter of Aphrodite?" You said squatting next to him. "If I say no will you flip me again?" He said. You laughed and helped him up. "You ready for Capture the Flag tomorrow?" You asked playing with your snake bracelet. "Yeah, how about you?" Malcolm replied "I don't know, I think I could use a little work on my sword skills." You said "You should talk to Luke, he's the best swordsman around camp." He said. "Malcolm!" A group of guys, who you guessed were his friends, called. "Sorry, I have to go, sorry." Malcolm said apologizing. "No it's fine. You go ahead I'll catch up with you later. Oh and thanks for the advice." You said. Malcolm left for his friends and you headed to the arena where you found Luke hacking away at a dummy.
  19. After watching Luke demolish the rest of the dummies, which left you in awe, Luke noticed you standing there. "Hey Becca." He called shaking you out of your daze. "Were you standing there long?" Luke asked as he walked over to you. "What? No... uh got here a few minutes ago." You stuttered blushing realizing that you had been staring. You cleared your throat and said,
  20. Let's just go with the first one. "Yeah, of course. It'll benefit the both of us." Luke said smiling. "How so?" You asked grabbing a sword. "I get to spend time with you and you get to learn how to fight." He replied. You took your position and Luke showed you some moves. "This is a really hard move and it has taken me months to get it so don't be upset if you don't get it at first." Luke said. He demonstrated the move on your sword which clattered out of your hand. "Got it." You said retreaving your sword. "Ok let's try it while sparring." Luke suggested. You nodded and said,"Don't go easy, I want to see what I can do." "Are you sure?" Luke asked getting into position. "Definitely." You replied. You and Luke sprung into action your swords clashing together.
  21. The campers in the arena turned to watch the fight (Don't they have anything better to do?). You were surprised that you had lasted this long. You blocked a strike Luke threw at you and returned your own. You took a swing and Luke grabbed your arm and stole your sword. Thinking that Luke won the campers started to disperse. Luke was about to announce his victory when without thinking you pinned his arm behind his back got your sword back. You did it so fast he didn't have time to blink. "Come on. You didn't think it was that easy did you?" You asked playfully. The campers turned around shocked. Luke swung his sword and you blocked. "You're full of surprises aren't you." Luke asked jumping over a low swipe you took. "How so?" You replied. "I mean for a daughter of Aphrodite you're good." Luke said.
  22. You used a move you learned.
  23. You were definitely getting tired of people doubting your strenghts just because you were a daughter of Aphrodite. "I'm not just a daughter of Aphrodite," You said and as Luke took a swipe instead of blocking you did a back flip over the blade, kicked the sword out of Luke's hand, caught it, and swung your leg in a semi-circle which knocked Luke to the ground. You finished your sentence saying,"I'm Becca Carter." All the campers looked extremely surprised. "Nice to know you're not just a pretty face." Luke said. The campers ooh'ed.
  24. You helped him up and the campers left. "That was awesome! How did you do that!" Luke said. "When you're in a family of 3 boys you pick up a thing or two." You replied putting your sword back. "Well you're the first person in this camp to beat me in a fight and I wasn't even going easy." Luke said shaking his head. You realized you had cut Luke's forehead in the fight. You grabbed a first aid kit from the shelf above the swords. "You don't have to-" Luke started. You cut him off saying," I know I could just use ambosia or nectar but that's magic. I used a sword it's only fair if I fix it." Luke knew he wasn't going to win this fight either so he allowed you to clean and bandage the cut. While you fixed the bandage, out of the corner of your eye you could see Luke gazing at you with a look you couldn't identify. Once you fixed it you said, "Yep, you're all set." Luke chuckled. "What?" You asked. "Nothing it's just," He looked up at you and continued, "You are nothing like any Aphrodite girl I've ever met. In a good way most of them just care about looks and definitely not fighting but you're different." You sat next to him. "Not all Aphrodite girls are about that life you know. You just need to get to know them." You shrugged. Luke tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. "Well I'd like to get to know you." Luke replied making you blush profusely.
  25. The conch horn for dinner blew interupting that moment. "I should... We should... We should probably..." You stammered. You cleared your throat. "We should probably go go eat." You finished. "Yeah. You can go ahead without me um I'll catch up." Luke said smiling though he looked like he didn't want to leave you. You nodded and waved then left. "I sounded like a total idiot." You thought mentally smacking yourself across the face. You entered the mess hall and were about sit with your cabin when you saw Percy at the Hermes cabin table. You knew people didn't mix tables but you honestly didn't care. If you wanted to talk to your friend you would talk to your friend.
  26. You walked over and sat next to Percy and Grover. "Hey guys." You said ignoring the rest of the Hermes cabin who were staring at you. "Hey Becca" They both said. You talked to Grover,Percy, and the rest of the cabin. Everything was fine up until the Ares jerk and his friends showed up. "If it isn't the two people our cabin hates most. Prissy and Beauty Queen." Mark said walking over. "Can't you guys just forgive and forget about it already?" Grover said. "Yeah and then we can all drink nice warm cups of shut up." Mark sneered. Percy was about to get up and fight but you told him,
  27. "I hope you and your cabin are listening cause I'm only going to say this once. We didn't do anything wrong so if you don't mind I'm going sit down and enjoy my food in peace. Ok? Good." You continued,"Oh and one more thing." You picked up somebody's apple pie and shoved it in his face. "Don't mess with my friends." You said. "You little-" You cut him off saying, "Save it for capture the flag." You sat down and said,"Huh, revenge really is sweet." Ok so maybe you shouldn't have done that. Mark picked up someone's scolding hot chicken noodle soup and dumped on your head. Yep that got the campers attention. You retaliated by tossing somebody's soda into his face.
  28. That's when the Aphrodite cabin started to back you up. Talk about a sisterhood. Silena led them into battle with a flying milkshake. Eventually some friends you made came around. Then the rest of the Hermes cabin joined in though they just threw it at anyone. Finally everybody joined and food flew everywhere. "ENOUGH!!!" Mr.D shouted his eyes scanning the crowd for the offender. Everyone tried to explain all at once confusing him. "SILENCE!!" He yelled "From the names I have heard I have heard it appears that Peter Johnson, Bella Harter, Mark Bell, Grover Undershirt, and Sileen Beauraguest have started all this mess!" Mr. D snapped. Everyone looked confused but still nodded. "Everyone back to your cabins except for them!" Mr.D yelled. The campers dispersed looking relieved to be out of there.
  29. Ok I am so so so so sorry but I have to end the story there otherwise it may never end. Please don't kill me. I hope you liked this and well thanks for reading please comment good or bad.

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