Callie: A Story

**DISCLAMER**For mature audiences only for violence, mention of sexual activity (if you don’t know what sex means, please wait until your older to find out). You have been warned.

A pretty tutor named Callie wants to help you with math. You go to her house to make a new friend out of the coolest girl in school..but what really are Callie’s intentions?

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You are sitting in class when a girl you’ve never seen before walks up to you. She has long red curls and jade-green eyes.
  2. “Hi, I’m Callie,” she says. “I hear you’re having trouble in math. Can I tutor you?”
  3. “Okay than, call me when you want to get this tutoring thing started!” She says, handing you a slip of paper with her number on it.
  4. When you get home, you call Callie, she tells you her address. You go to get house.
  5. Callie opens the door and leads you into a black-walled room. She locks the door.
  6. Callie says nothing, and shuts the windowpanes. She ties you to a chair.
  7. Callie removes your clothes and walks towards a cupboard.
  8. Callie opens the cupboard. It’s so dark that you can’t see inside, but she walks towards you, grins, and pulls out a knife.
  9. Callie throws the chair down, you hit the floor. She seductively sucks on your nipple, one by one.
  10. Callie slowly touches your privates, and she squeezes them.
  11. And her sexy face is the last thing you see before she drives the knife into your right eye socket.

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