How Mature are You?

Come one, come all to find out how mature you are! Do you want to find out if you are a mature adult, a immature baby, or a mix of both! Take this quiz to find out!

A lot of people end up becoming a mix of both mature and immature. If you take this quick quiz, youll have an answer the next time someone asks you how mature you are.

Created by: Mandy Rhodes

  1. Its time to choose your project for studying famous people. You choose
  2. Saundra, your BFF, tells you to get a life! You tell her
  3. Mr.Hayes assigns you extra homework because you missed class, but you missed class because you broke your ankle! You tell him
  4. In a pressure situation, you tend to
  5. In art, you draw
  6. If your phone breaks, you
  7. If your mom gets a tattoo, you
  8. In a race, you
  9. Your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you! You
  10. Your late for social studies! What do you do?
  11. When your puppy drools all over your homework, you
  12. Your fave sweater contains a humongous amount of sweat. You

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Quiz topic: How Mature am I?