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Welcome to Caboose Values! Feel free to begin whenever you feel comfortable, almost all responses are weighted, and at the end of the day all these results amount to results on this one test, and not a prescription of what you truly believe.

Caboose Values aims to a point to create a less "Gotcha!" oriented quiz unlike most other internet tests online. Though I wouldn't consider myself deeply invested in Internet politics (in fact I quite loathe it in many respects), my friend and I often take these tests when we're bored and can't find a game to play. We came up with these questions and the axes, and after some polish by me an early version of the test is here for you to take!

Created by: Caboose
  1. We Ought to Cast off Societal Labels, Beit Race, Gender, or Orientation
  2. The way we perceive education and academia is limited and flawed
  3. Religion is in itself a conscious belief someone chooses to have faith in, therefore religion in most cases shouldn’t be categorized as a minority alongside ethnicity and sexual orientation in truly secular societies
  4. Theology and Religion ought to be subject to the same scrutiny as philosophies or political ideologies
  5. Regardless of the legacies of imperialism, There is still such a thing as barbaric behavior and customs
  6. Imperialism was an unfortunate reality, but a reality that in the long run will benefit Mankind
  7. Though I may or may not support the strategy of the conflict or the opportunism of the Military-Industrial complex, I supported the War on Terror
  8. Nothing ought to be a Monolith that ought not be assailed: Authorities, Systemic failures, and Cultural norms ought to be openly criticized and upended.
  9. Which one best describes your stance on Cultural Relativism:
  10. Which best describes your definition of Socialism:
  11. Progress, Justice, and Humanism are merely replacements for God and Commandments in a new Secular Religion
  12. Morality is an Abstraction
  13. Philosophy is functionally defunct or irrelevant in understanding modern society
  14. Everyone acts for their own emotional fulfillment, just by their very nature as living beings
  15. The French and American Revolutions were mistakes
  16. The only thing that differentiates Gay people from Heterosexuals is sexual and romantic preference and things consequential of that; everything else has been imposed by treating them as the “other”
  17. Though they rose from conditions necessary at the time, Gender roles are functionally near obsolete and are a notion to be left in the past
  18. Trade Unionism and collective bargaining are essential to ensure worker's rights in blue collar industries
  19. Metaphysical and theological assertions on how “ought to be” should be ignored.
  20. What someone else does in their free time, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else that did not or could not consent, is victimless and harmless
  21. We should legalize natural recreational highs such as cannabis, psilocybin, and peyote so long as we can procure them without damaging the environment
  22. Under no Pretext should arms be surrendered
  23. We ought to balance out regulations on who can own firearms with the range of firearms that are legal for ownership
  24. Even if we should help them, the conditions that make people poor are their own actions and conditions rather than an abstract greater societal force
  25. If people or communities wish to live their life with a political and economic structure different from the one I support, so long as everyone is treated with care and decency in said system, I will respect them
  26. I support a local movement for greater autonomy from the central authorities in my nation
  27. America is a Nation of Immigrants. For the US to block off Immigrants will undermine the Nation's very identity and lead to stagnation.
  28. A United Earth Government is not only possible in an age before interplanetary colonization, but is desirable
  29. We should have international laws to keep us from having arms races such as the Nuclear Arms Race during the Cold War or the Anglo-German Naval Arms Race
  30. There's a difference between having no State and having no government body
  31. Statelessness is a dangerous path that is not well travelled for a reason
  32. We should have Compulsory Military Service
  33. Anti Maskers from the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic and Anti Vaxxers are little better than criminals
  34. A Postindustrial economy is dangerous to economic stability, because it basically leaves an industrial base to the whim of a foreign nation with its own goals.
  35. A Postindustrial economy in any other economic system would at best be a fluke.
  36. The West as it currently stands has been one of the only cultural and economic powerhouses capable of countering the Chinese, and should work to compete with them.
  37. Free trade creates jobs and opportunities for a more educated populace
  38. Free trade helps ensure peaceful relations with foreign countries
  39. Free trade is fundamental to flourishing of almost any market
  40. Free markets reinforce old colonialist tendencies and exploitation
  41. I don't believe in Man Made Climate Change
  42. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
  43. The economy should be oriented need, rather than raw output or financial revenue
  44. Consumerism and pursuit of comforts is a natural drive in any society, however this drive has pushed us into a position of exploitation and waste for monetary gain for the ruling class
  45. Though many of the ruling class may share our values and goals, they have unintentionally or otherwise became one of the major inhibitors to progress rather than agents of it
  46. The Economy should be reorganized through the apparatus of the state
  47. There is no longer any real reason why we need to still work the 8 hour workday beyond monetary gain
  48. I support abolishing currency or pinning currency directly to the hours or value of labor towards benefiting society in some way
  49. A central banking system is necessary for the functioning of fiat currency and a government
  50. Even if we may lose privacy, the current collection of userdata by companies or the federal government may yield increased safety or a better economy
  51. Which Describes Your View on Free Markets the Best?
  52. I agree with the Hobbes interpretation of government and society
  53. It’s a kill or be killed world, and we should spread our might beyond our borders to ensure our survival.
  54. Our society fetishizes a definition of masculine strength that doesn’t also cover restraint and tolerance... but it should
  55. We should prioritize the spreading of happiness, wellbeing, and freedom within our society above all else
  56. I would consider myself a member of a countercultural movement
  57. Theology, Spirituality, and Faith are important to my understanding of the world
  58. I would consider myself a Socialist
  59. I would consider myself a Civic Libertarian
  60. I would consider myself a Nationalist

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