Political Allegiance Quiz

Hello! This is a simple quiz that’ll help you find out what political ideology / affiliation will fit your beliefs! There are 10 different results and about 30 questions.

If you have any sort of criticisms feel free to comment them, and if you like it, please feel free to like and share this quiz around! Stay safe and have fun!

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  1. Which economic theory do you subscribe to?
  2. How patriotic are you?
  3. What religion are you apart of?
  4. What is your take on homosexuality?
  5. What is your foreign policy?
  6. What military would you prefer?
  7. Would you support your country being in a regional alliance like NATO or the EU?
  8. What is the role of the government?
  9. Where should government power be?
  10. How large should the gov’t be?
  11. Is there a hierarchy?
  12. Should health care be private or public?
  13. Is private property a right?
  14. Do you believe it is wrong for the government to treat certain people differently based off physical features (race)?
  15. Who should rule the country?
  16. Do you support the current welfare system?
  17. Should church-and-state be separated?
  18. Should abortion be allowed?
  19. Military action that goes against international law is sometimes justified
  20. Certain companies need regulation
  21. What is your ideal immigration policy?
  22. Overall opinion on government programs?
  23. Should capital punishment be allowed?
  24. Do you support gun control?
  25. Opinion on oil?
  26. Opinion on Marajuana?
  27. Opinion of high taxes?
  28. Should protecting the environment be a top priority?
  29. Which political figure here do you like the most?
  30. How would you describe yourself politically (does not effect answers)?

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