by your response can tell your type of insanity

How you been how you been how you been doing so good still chit chat with Ur lips with those lip and please you can tell me how come does it feel so good.

Little bi###s in the high tops they are never in my thoughts, im not a th## cuz i should have done this riot from the start, but then again they are never in my thoughts

Created by: hi

  1. What would you say to a friend(being obvious of course u wouldn't say this to friend in real life but i hope u understand)
  2. how do u laugh
  3. what is Ur personality type
  4. do u have an strange laugh
  5. which one these do u do the most
  6. how would you describe yourself
  7. what is most important to you
  8. what would you say before you attack Ur enemy
  9. Are U now READY to be a victim , READY FOR ATTENTION??
  10. Do u hurt somebody and you mean it
  11. do you hate people
  12. how many people do you hate
  13. what group of kids do u hang with
  14. would you kill
  15. what do u do if u see someone crying
  16. which one are u like the most

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Quiz topic: By my response can tell my type of insanity