but nobody came......

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but nobody came is based on the undertale(right) game and has some spoilers you have been warned this test puts you into these categorys 1.)true pacifist run and 2.) normal pacifist run 3.)neutral run 4.)normal genocide run and the5.)evil genocide run have fun and please rate

it's a beautiful day birds are chirping wind is blowing on days like these kids like you should be burning in hell-sans 2015 im down in one hit papyrus alphys asgore i have failed all of you now im dead.....no i will not die-undyne the undying2015

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

  1. if there is a monster what is the first thing you go for
  2. there's a town of monsters you go to the shop to
  3. do you pay for college for temmie
  4. did anyone come......
  5. you see a ghost named napstablook you......
  6. there's a monster kid that looks like free exp what do you do
  7. you get judged for your for every exp(execution points) what happens....
  8. you fight....
  9. next....do you steal skittles
  10. THE END

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