Builders Cleaning Quiz

This quiz aims to check your knowledge about builders cleaning. The main topics are covered. The expert AB Cleaners London team shares this wonderful quiz with us. [no urls]

The quiz contains questions covering the main aspects and words in the field of construction cleaning. Completing the quiz will make you more confident with builders cleaning related topics.

Created by: aclifford of AB Cleaners London
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  1. What does PPE stand for?
  2. When are you obliged to wear PPE?
  3. What is NOT part of the standard builders' PPE?
  4. What does the COSHH assessment do?
  5. Who needs to hold a CSCS card?
  6. What is a CIS registered contractor?
  7. What is the difference between a builders clean and an after-builders clean?
  8. What does the different colours of hard hat indicate?
  9. What does a Health & Safety policy include?
  10. When was the carpet sweeper invented?

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