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  • The results told me that I'm not her type but we could be friends. But it's ok, I'm average size and she describes herself tall, and I really hate it when I see a good looking girl that's taller than me, especially when there's a damn guy taller than me near!

    The Blue Dude
  • 1: Just 'cause you said "BOYS ONLY" won't stop us girls

    2: You're filthy, what STUPID CHICK advertises her boobs?

    3: If you wanted an ACTUAL bf, you should do something called getting your but outside your room and MEET PEOPLE

    4: Honestly, Is that what you SRSLY look like? -NO. Not interested-

  • Did any actual GUYS take this test? L.O.L. 48% for me. I guess it is weird that you advertised your breasts, but whatever. Also, why all the sex questions? I'm not a prude, but...

  • Ick. Yeah, I'm a lady. I couldn't resist. But yuck. Don't advertise your boobs. It's degrading to the name of women.

  • I am a 13 year old BOY (i think those girls were being total b****es and can go f*** off in the corner) and i got 63%. i know its not too high but plz consider.

  • All of the other comments are so true...


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