Boyfriend Scenario Quiz

So this is a story about you. It includes MY OCs so please don't all of a sudden be like mine~~~. This is a very short quiz, and their will (hopefully) be more in the future.

Please like and stuff so I'll now someone is taking these. Also comment your answers, I wanna see how many people get my favorite one. Have fun. ;)

Created by: Justice Turner
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  1. You live in a dorm room, with a woman named Beth. She is very loud and outgoing, and you are...
  2. Your room mate, Beth, has went out today, while you stay in your room. You here screaming from outside of your room you...
  3. Before you can do anything a loud banging resonates from your wooden door. They are yelling in a language you've never heard before. You look out your window to see it stained red. You...
  4. (If you chose first option) You are met with two men and a woman when the door opens. You hit one of them over the head who do you hit?
  5. (If you picked option 2) After climbing out the door, you hear two men calling your name. Thinking they are other students, you run towards them and see two men fighting. One has white hair and is fighting with two axes. The other has black hair and red eyes and has a shield. You are holding a pair of scissors and a feeling deep in your core tells you to stab one of them, who do you stab?
  6. (If you picked option 3) You eventually hear two people walking towards your door, and they finally get it open. In walks two people while three stay in the door way. The two who walk in are both men, one has blue skin and elven ears, while the other has long white hair in a ponytail. Who finds you?
  7. (Picked option four) You hear yelling outside your door and blood pools under it, at the same time the door finally opens, the window does. Through the door comes a large burly man with blonde hair, and through the window comes a ginger haired archer. They both say your name. Who do you go to?
  8. [RP over] What's your favorite color anyways?
  9. So the three species in this Scenario thingy are Dea, Vaz, and Fey. The Fey usually travel in large groups, and are usually matriarchal , and have six female goddess. The Fey are also incredibly sarcastic, wild, and insane. The Dea are the opposite of the Fey, and only have one God, they stay in small towns. The Vaz are a hybrid species of Fey and Dea, and they travel in pairs. Which is your favorite?
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz, I'll most likely make more parts, and a girlfriend one. ;)

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