The Scenario Quiz (Girls Only)

This is a quiz to find out your perfect guy. Now you might say, "This is all OVER What makes yours so different? Mine is a role playing quiz! Enough said.

My role playing quiz is a cross between a "What is your perfect guy?" quiz and a "Scenario Quiz" (Like Mine!) You just answer each question like you would in real life. Simple. Good luck! Your gonna need it.

Created by: Vodina
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  1. You and your three friends are walking away from the movie theater. You just got done with your spacial thing called:
  2. You are walking down the road when suddenly, you and your friends hear an extra set of footsteps. You look back, there's no one there. You continue on, and you hear it again. Again you look back and it is empty air behind you. Your friend says "Its a ghost!" Your first thought is:
  3. Finally you drop all your friends off that they're houses. The footsteps had stopped. How are you feeling?
  4. You made it! You can see your house! You walk by an ally and glance in. You see a crouched figure. He jumps up and lunges for you. He has you pinned. He brings out a styrene full of a dark blue liquid. You fight, but can't brake free. He injects you. What are you thinking before you black out?
  5. You wake up in a room. It is basically a dome. Around it is a big, decorative painting of a fight scene. You don't recognize the battle. You are in a bed. On the sheets is the same scene. What are you thinking?
  6. The door opens just as you get out of bed. You freeze. "Well. Someones awake!" says a voice. The voice belongs to a boy that looks about 15. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He doesn't LOOK dangerous... Or like the one who attacked you. What do you say?
  7. Three other people walk in. You know one as your attacker! He has black hair and brown eyes. His hair is comb to the center so it sticks up in the middle. Another has blonde hair and green eyes. The last one has red hair and hazel eyes. The brown haired guy smiles and says "All your questions will be answered soon". How do you answer?
  8. "Okay. This is James" he said pointing to the red haired boy, "This is Sean" he said pointing to the blonde haired boy "I'm Mark, and this is Davis. He was the one that brought you here. Even after I told him not to" he glared at Davis. "Come on!" Davis tried to defend himself "Shes PERFECT! Besides, its too late now anyway". What do you say next?
  9. "This is a secret organization that-" "That is not a secret anymore" pointed out Sean. "Yes. Its not... Anyway, we are... actually I'd rather not say." You nod "Okay" you walk over to Davis "You know Davis, I have just one thing to say to you" you say and you go to punch him. But James is too quick and grabs your hand, twisting your arm in a painful way. What do you do?
  10. "James. Let her go." said Mark. "But sir..." protested James "NOW James!" he let you go. "Who are you? WHAT are you? No human can move that fast" Everyone glances at each other before saying in unison, "Daloreians". You know about the Daloreians. They were an old nation of super powerful beings! Claimed to be extinct! How do you react?
  11. "You are wanted as a Daloreian. Do you except?" Asked Mark. He looked hopeful. What do you answer?

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