Bowhunting 101 Quiz

There are a lot of smart people in the world and I thank that you could be one so take are quiz and if you pass with fling color than i'd be getting ready to go hunting and for those how didn't do so good well try are quiz again.

Are you smarter than you know it or are you dumber than a rock when it comes to bowhunting. Do you think your a good hunter well try this quiz, I would like to thank you for taking are Basnett Outdoors quiz.GOOD LUCK

Created by: Steve Basnett

  1. You bowhunt thick brushy timber, where it will be close, yourbow sights should be set so you can make shots out to
  2. It's late up north, with temps of 32 degrees, when you draw your bow you hear a screeching noise, you should
  3. You have been hunting all year, and you have practicing hard but now it's Dec and you have a tag to fill you should
  4. You should put a lone doe decoy
  5. Your in your tree stand 16 feet off the ground and a buck is below youbut you only have a 20 & 30 yard pins where should you hold to make the shot
  6. Heading to your tree stand you stop at your 3d target and there fling true now you should
  7. You come to full draw as a buck is coming in about 30 yards standing quartering to you it doesn't seem to be spooked, you should
  8. On the evening before opening night you spot a good buck feeding in a field, to increase your odds, you should
  9. You get premission to hunt a farm where you seen a huge buck the year before while scouting you find a funnel alomg a creekbottom packed with rubs along a bedding area and corn field, you should
  10. Your in your tree stand and at sunrise the wind swicthes the wrong way, you should

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