Book One: Just Breathe (prologue)

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted my stories on this site! It's great to be back and posting! If you'd read my stories "Somehow I'm Alive" and "Somehow They're Alive" then I can guarentee it that you'll like this one. My writing has greatly improved since then.

Just so you know, this story is nothing like my previous ones. I've started off with a completely new topic. Just so you know this story will be LONG and split into two parts. Other than that, I have nothing else to say. The story itself can tell you the rest. Enjoy. :)

Created by: Topaz

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  1. ***The Middle World Byridia: The RoyalPalace*** Princess Kiron is sleeping on the soft mattress in her pitch black room. Even in the darkness, however, the stars and the crescent moon can be seen through a small gap in the blue lustrous curtains that cover her window. For some reason sleep won’t come tonight. She flips over on her stomach and pulls the heavily embellished comforter over her head; hopefully her thick blonde locks won’t get tangled in the quilts’ tassels. “With silk blankets and feather stuffed mattresses and pillows a person would think finding sleep would be easy,” she mutters to herself. Right as she’s about to doze off her best and favorite maid, Irina, rushes into the room. She used to be her nanny, but that changed when the young princess turned eighteen a couple months ago. Unable to bear parting with her, Princess Kiron made the woman her head maid. She sits up and sees Irina’s plump figure rushing around the room while thrusting blankets and articles of clothing into a simple valise. Stuffing the bag with more items, the rather frazzled head maid peers over at the princess. “Thank goodness you’re awake, Kiron. I’ve put a cotton dress and a head scarf over there by your mirror. You must put them on so we can get out of here. It isn’t safe.”
  2. Princess Kiron gets to her feet and does what Irina’s asked her. She would never ask her to do something without reason, especially if it’s in the middle of the night. Feeling a slight chill run down her spinal column, she asks, “What’s happened?” “King Zoron just passed away moments ago. You’re brother is being crowned as we speak.” Still adorning herself with the clothes, her now damp amber eyes shift to her maid. “Father is dead? But the doctor claimed that he was in perfect health!” Irina’s eyes turn dark with fear. “That’s my point. He was.” Kiron gulps and moves to the next subject at hand. “So what’s wrong with Azron being crowned King? He’ll be a great ruler.” She shudders. “Azron isn’t being crowned king. It’s your other brother.” Sadness suddenly is mixed with anger. “What? That’s impossible! Father wouldn’t leave Natiniel in charge of a single servant. Why would he leave him the throne?” “I don’t know the answer to that. All I know is that I need to get you and Prince Azron out of here. Natiniel is determined to have the throne, and doesn’t want anybody getting in his way.” Just as the Princess is about to ask another question Prince Azron jogs in breathing heavily. The sight of the coarse brown clothing in place of his colorful satins shocks them both, despite the fact that Irina told him to wear it. Oddly the lack of ornamentation doesn’t take away from the prince’s Byridian handsomeness. Kiron should be wondering if the simple clothes make her less of a princess. Unsurprisingly, she could care a less.
  3. “Irina,” says Azron, “There’s no way we’ll be able to get out of here. There are guards covering every corner of the palace yard, and every level of this palace. It’s a wonder that I was able to make it to this room!” The maid looks both panicked and confused. “I don’t understand. Why would there be so many?” “It was Natiniel’s orders. He wants the palace yard secure. Nobody gets in or out.” “How are we going to get out of here?!” cries Princess Kiron. “With our brother as King there’s no way we can stay here and be safe!” Azron puts a soothing hand on his elder sister’s shoulder. He tries to maintain his outer calm, but it isn’t working. He’s obviously just as distraught as Kiron. “Don’t worry, sis. We’ll think of something. Won’t we, Irina?” Without hesitation, she says, “I know the way out of here. King Zoron showed me this himself when you children were little in case Clarmidain attacked. Its top secret, so not even Natiniel knows.” Irina leads them through the princess’ chambers until they get to her personal dining hall. At a first glance it looks as if she’s led them to nothing, but in seconds that’s proven wrong. After pulling back a plain gold tapestry and pushing in the third brick from the left a huge gap forms in the wall quickly and silently. “Let’s go. The tunnels are very simple, so it shouldn’t be hard to navigate.”
  4. They all run through the door and down the tunnel. Irina isn’t surprised by their swift but silent movements, and how they pause each time before turning a corner. The three royal children have been trained in combat from the cradle. Kiron is the most skilled of the three Royal children, even though nobody would suspect it. Being born a female in a sexist kingdom has never held her back in the slightest. It’s a good thing that she thought to remember the princess’ dual swords; she’d be heartbroken without her favorite weapon. The prince asks a question that interrupts her thoughts. “Irina, once Kiron and I are out of Byridia where will we go?” For the first time tonight she smiles. “Don’t worry. I have a place in mind that nobody will ever expect. It might take a little adjusting at first, but you’ll get used to it.” “It isn’t Clarmidain is it? That’s our rival Kingdom!” “No, of course it’s not there! It’s somewhere much safer than Clarmidain. You’ll have to trust me on this.” They continue walking stealthily through the tunnels for an hour or more without hearing a sound. The only time they hear something that isn’t from the tunnel is when they went under the throne room. It was a sound that caused them such fear it made them feel slightly nauseous. The few men that were gathered in the throne room were chanting to the top of their lungs, “All hail King Natiniel!” It’s those words that make the two escapees understand. Once they get away from the palace they will most likely never return to their beloved kingdom. Not unless they have to.
  5. ***The Surface World U.S.A: New York City*** Scrreeeech! My little sister’s bus just stopped a little ways down the street. I sigh as I pull on my black combat boots and look at myself in the mirror. I’m wearing fishnet leggings underneath my baggy, black, shorts with the chain, and a baggy black hoodie with the hood up. Must I dress like this every time my sister gets off of the bus? I make sure that my fake lip and eyebrow piercings are in place before walking out the front door and down the street. I hate doing this, but it’s necessary to keep the other kids from picking on my sister. Whenever I get Ruby from the bus stop they’re too scared to do anything to her. Would they be scared of me if I were wearing my black and white skirt and my lime green sequin blouse? Not a chance. I gaze down the road to watch for my sister. All of the extravagant three story houses are impossible to avoid in my peripheral vision. As beautiful as these houses are they still can’t compare to the one I live in. Four stories, a huge and elegant backyard with a swimming pool, and my room with a hot tub, flat screen, and a two-story walk in closet. Does it get any better than that? My mind goes blank as I see my sister galloping in my direction. Once Ruby finally gets to me she engulfs me in a hug. Yes, she’s my bubbly, eight-year-old sister with the wild red curls. “Clarista!” she shouts with glee, “Guess what? I got one-hundred percent on my spelling test!” I can’t help but humor her. “That’s great! I told you that studying would work.” “You were right. Can we go to the donut shop to celebrate?” A loud sigh escapes me. I should’ve seen this coming. “I don’t know, Ruby. I have a history test tomorrow and should really go over my notes.” She peers up at me with her large, blue eyes pleading. “Awww. Please, Clarista? I really want a donut.” “Ruby, I really can’t…..” She starts in with the puppy dog eyes, which she knows nobody can deny. “Oh, alright, but we’ll have to make it quick.”
  6. We walk back to our massive home so I can change. I trade the ugly black clothes for my purple top with the ruffles and gray skinny jeans. Before we go I have to remind myself to take out the fake piercings. The only piercings I like are the ones in my ear lobes. I comb my brown curls through with my fingers before rushing downstairs to get Ruby. Hopefully we can just get to the donut shop and get back. If I’m going to keep up my straight A’s then I need to study for my history test. Ruby is already standing by the door waiting for me. “It feels like it took you forever. Can we go now?” “Sure. Let’s go.” I take her by the hand and lead her to the garage where Jeffery, our limo driver, is waiting for us. Looking irritated, he puts down the catalog he was reading. “Where to?” he asks. “Ruby’s favorite place.” “The donut shop?” “You’ve got it.” While Jeffery is finding his way through New York City’s mid afternoon traffic, I’m busily texting. Ruby, who knows not to talk to me while I’m texting, is chattering away to our driver. After a while Jeffery says it’s time for us to get out. It’s impossible to park near the donut shop this time of day, so Jeffery usually parks in a parking ramp and lets us walk the rest of the way. I tuck my phone into my bag and step out of our cherished limousine.
  7. “Wow, you finally put your phone away,” says Ruby. “I hate it when you text. When you do that I never get to talk to you.” “What are you talking about? You have a phone too.” “I know, but I like talking to my friend better. We can’t play with our barbies if we’re texting.” “Barbies? I thought the other girls your age played with Bratz or the Monster High dolls.” “They do, but I like Barbies the best.” Despite my sisters sweet and bubbly personality she’s still very different from the other children. That’s why I have to play dress up whenever she wants to take the bus. I’ve asked her why Jeffery can’t pick her up every day like he does me. Her answer was she likes to be near her friends Alexi and Dawn. Alexi and Dawn aren’t nearly as wealthy as us... Ruby’s voice takes me from my thoughts. “Ooh a kitty!”
  8. I look over at what she’s talking about. Sitting there in an alley is an adorable gray kitten with bright blue eyes. As I’m staring at the cat I realize that my sister is about to go chase it. “Ruby, no! It’s an alley kitten. Who knows what kind of germs it carries!” “But I just want to pet him. Look at how cute he is. Don’t you want to pet him too?” “No I don’t. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the pet store and you can pet as many kittens as you want.” I take her by the hand and try to get her to come with me. Alas she breaks from my grasp and chases the kitten anyway. Grumbling I go after my kid sister. “Ruby Anastasia, you get back here right now!” Ignoring my scolding she continues in pursuit of the cat. “I’m not kidding around, Ruby! Get your butt over here now!” Just as I yell that I notice that the kitten is in her arms and struggling to get free. Usually at this time she’d come to me, but for some reason she still isn’t coming. Something on the ground behind a dumpster has caught her eye. “Clarista, you’ve got to come see this.”
  9. “Ruby, if it’s a dead animal or a rat I’m not interested. Now let’s go.” “No it isn’t that. It’s something really weird.” Realizing that she won’t budge, I work my way over there to look at the thing. “Alright, Ruby, I’ll look at it, but as soon as I look at it we leave!” Once I see what she’s talking about I reel backwards out of fear. Weird? I’d call it terrifying! In the ground directly behind the dumpster is what looks like a blue whirlpool. Only it isn’t water. It’s an electric blue substance of some kind swirling around slowly. For some reason Ruby goes to touch it. “Whatever it is don’t touch it! It could be dangerous!” “Come on, Clarista, I just want to see what it’s made of.” I reach out to grab her but she avoids my grip. Before I know it she directly next to it with her hand just inches away. I call out to her one last time; however, I am too late. The moment her hand makes contact with the…electric blue…whirlpool….thingy… she’s sucked into it. Panicked I run toward it and kneel down so my face is directly on top of it.
  10. “Ruby!” I shout. “Ruby, can you hear me?!” I get no response. I stand up and am about to call nine-one-one, but I’m tripped; the cat was standing in front of me and I didn’t notice. Unable to regain my footing I fall directly into the whirlpool thing. Being pulled downward at a rapid pace I close my eyes and expect to die. That doesn’t happen. Instead a soft pile of sand breaks my fall a minute or so later. Sand? I open my eyes and see Ruby lying down next to me looking terrified. I stand up to look around and see nothing but sand stretching for miles and miles. The only time I don’t see just sand is when I turn around. Off in the distance is a gigantic wall. I can’t tell what it’s made of or anything of the sort. All I know is that it’s tall and very large. It looks like it’d belong to an ancient city of some sort. Ruby stands and grabs onto me for dear life. “Clarista, where are we?”

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