Bones of the Body

This quiz was created for anatomy students who are learning specific details of the bones. They have spent several days working with a human skeleton to identify specific features.

The final test will be a lab practical where bone are laid out and tagged. Students must go from station to station and write the name of the structure tagged.

Created by: Shannan Muskopf of biologycorner
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  1. The acromion process is found on what bone?
  2. The wrist bones are collectively called the:
  3. The ribs that connect directly to the sternum are called:
  4. The medial malleolus is found on what bone?
  5. The greater trochanter is found on what bone?
  6. The obturator foramen is found on which bone?
  7. The heel bone is called the:
  8. The olecranon process is found on which bone?
  9. The spinous process is found on which bone?
  10. The manubrium is found on which bone?

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