Bob the Builder

bob the unicorn eats his wife and bob the builder is cheating on his wife and bob the minion is single because he's so ugly and hideous and selfish I like trains

I like to shine in the light because I'm so bright bubblegum and cherry pop go hop and eat unicorns and please don't ask why you don't want to know ok

Created by: xXCHILLXx

  1. Bob the Builder!
  2. Bob the Builder!
  3. Bob the Builder's twin brother is spying on you!
  5. ~Bob the Builder~ is caught smoking! (_____((______()~~~
  6. Bob the Builder bobbing for apples!
  7. Bob the Builder is an American. Just like me! ---------------------- **********|----------- **********|----------- **********|----------- **********|----------- **********|----------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------
  8. Bob the Builder's pet bunny. (\_/) (*.*) (**)(**)
  9. Bob the Builder won the lottery!
  10. Boo bob!

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