Blind Date With Hunger Games Guys!

Are you insanely in love with a guy from the Hunger Games? Me too! So I created this quiz mostly for girls, but if you're a guy and you want to know what girls think of when they think of a hot night out, this is it. Well, me anyway. Don't worry, they don't go too far.

The results are a little unreliable when it comes to the location you chose. Do sorry if you chose to go for a hike and end up at the pool. I can't control that. But hopefully that won't happen!

Created by: iluvtom
  1. You are a girl of District 12 who lives in the richer part of town. You are constantly being hounded by guys, but none are good enough for you. You complain to your friend Madge Undersee, who comes up with a brilliant idea. "Look," she says, "I know three hot guys looking for love. You should try them out. Whaddaya say?"
  2. Madge laughs. "You think about things too much! You'll have a great time! And if they suck, I'll force Brendan to go on a date with you, deal?" You consider this. Brendan, the son of the candy makers, the only guy you know worthy of that you got goin' on with your amazing body, dating Madge. You would like to see what his lips taste like chocolate or peppermint.
  3. Madge winks. "Just don't get too dirty with him, he's my boyfriend, remember?"
  4. Madge smiles. "Whatever. Here are some numbers...maybe you should call one of them up."
  5. You are sitting by your phone at home, deciding who to call.
  6. Okay! Dinners over, you no longer have an excuse not to call. Madge has given you three numbers.
  7. The guy has a hot, deep voice and you two set up a blind date for tomorrow afternoon. Where do you go? (Think of the guy you want and see where you think he'd be most likely to go on a date or just pick randomly.)
  8. You are deciding what to wear for your big date.
  9. You get into your car and realize it broke down! Who do you get a ride with?
  10. You are dropped off at the location you chose, and you see your date standing there, looking all hot! What do you say?

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