Black Ops Ultimate Quiz

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Apperantly, no one is. But this ain't no redneck hosted gameshow. THIS...IS...SPARTA!!! No, THIS...IS...BLACK OPS!!!

This quiz test your BOIQ, Black ops intelligence quotient. Are you the leader of the boards, or the bottom of the pack? Let's find out...NOW!!! Go ahead, begin...

Created by: kaoskid1799

  1. In campaign, what is your handlers name?
  2. What level prestige must you be in multiplayer in order to unlock gold gun camo?
  3. Who is the zombie slayin' Marine badass in Kino and Ascension?
  4. In multiplayer, what weapon replaces the Throwing Knife?
  5. In Numbers, a campaign mission, who are you interrogating in the beginning?
  6. In Executive Order, how is Weaver injured?
  7. Who is Dragovichs 2nd in command?
  8. Who is returning from WaW?
  9. Who is working together?
  10. Was this quiz...

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