there are many bieber fans but how many of them are truly beiber fanaticss? what is a bieber fanatic is someone who knows alot of stuff about justin bieber, and you would to anything to let people recognize that.

are YOU a bieberfanatic? do you have the bieberbrains to take the title of THE TRUE BELIEBER OR THE BIEBER FANATIC??? well its time to find out!!!!! NEVER SAY NEVER

Created by: NIKI

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  1. when was justin bieber born?
  2. what did justin bieber want to be when he was little
  3. what is justins dads name?
  4. how many syblings does justin have? (step-syblings)
  5. who was in the baby music video? (but not as a singer.)
  6. where was justin born?
  7. what is justins fave color?
  8. does justin like his water room temprature?
  9. is justin team edward or team jacob?
  10. what character did justin play on CSI in 2011
  11. who is justins manager?
  12. who did justin sign with

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