Bible quiz Genesis 11-25

This quiz is about the bible. It is only on Genesis Chapers 11-25. I am doing the for my Bible 1 class. everyone in the class is doing one. This is my Quiz.

Do you think you can do this quiz. Go ahead and Test yourself for your knowledge of this part of the bible. If you do good good job and i hope you have a good day.

Created by: Daniel
  1. What was Gods punishment for the Tower of Babel?
  2. What does Abraham do to worship God on his journeys?
  3. What does Abraham and Lot do to settle there problems of being to crowded?
  4. Which city does Abraham save lot from
  5. What covenant did the Lord make to Abraham
  6. Who birthed Ishmael
  7. What was the sign of the Covenant
  8. What happened to the city of sodem
  9. What did the 3 Visitors tell Abraham
  10. What did the Pharaoh fine out about Sarah
  11. What happened to Hagar and Ishmael after Isaac was born?
  12. Who birthed Isaac
  13. What did God tell Abraham to Sacrifice
  14. What did Abraham really sacrifice
  15. What did Sarah do that God told her not to
  16. What did God do to Sarah for this
  17. Who is Rebekah's faher
  18. Who was Abrahams other wife
  19. Who did Abraham leave everything to
  20. How old was Abraham when he died

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