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  • 81% I'm a bit rusty... but not bad for an atheist, right?

    nat1311 Aug 17 '15, 9:13AM
  • Ezgreen, the golden rule IS in the Bible. I forgot the reference, but I think it's in the book of Luke. And to the maker of this quiz, Queen Esther was the queen of King Ahasueras, not Xerxes.

    Camelia Dec 29 '14, 2:46PM
  • This is NOT accurate!

    Moonlightdreams Oct 16 '14, 9:44AM
  • Someone needs to correct all of the misspellings in the questions - so many names spelled wrong. I only missed one, but the way Esther was spelled (Ester) made me think it was a trick question.

    dianek Sep 15 '14, 8:29PM
  • OMG.....Poor Biblical Knowledge:(

    Suzana Aug 18 '14, 7:24AM
  • OMG.....Poor Biblical Knowledge:(

    Suzana Aug 18 '14, 7:23AM
  • What does the Golden Rule have to do with this??? Its nOT IN THE BIBLE!!!!

    EzGreen Aug 4 '14, 7:33AM
  • The first COMPLETE English Bible was Coverdale's Bible, not Tyndale's Bible. Tyndale never finished the Old Testament because he was martyred, and in 1535, Miles Coverdale compiled Tyndale's and other's translations to publish the first English Bible in its entirety.

    Cate Palantir Sep 23 '13, 5:57PM
  • Question #23 (How many books in the 1611 King James Bible) - when published in 1611 it contained 73 books, not 66. The seven deuterocanonical books were later removed.

    rgp Mar 12 '13, 11:37AM
  • 79% umm was expecting way less. nice.thanks for the quiz :)

    friendzonefiona Sep 14 '12, 11:47AM
  • I hate to be this person, but "bible" and "literate" can't be in the same sentence. The bible was made to establish control on the illiterate crowd. Illiterate as in believing everything they're told and sticking to it no matter what. "Faith" is what its called today.

    alex014 Jul 14 '12, 10:29PM
  • 48%!! I've only touched a bible like twice! And only ever heard like 4 passages!

    Pathabeo Jul 10 '12, 9:33PM
  • 93%. Wasn't sure where separation of church and state is stated. I put "none of the above" Which original languages were both testaments written in and which year was the Bible translated into English. haven't studied that well enough either.

    Ransomed Feb 8 '12, 5:09PM
  • Ha pretty dang bad given i've read it cover to cover and im at mass every sunday. My excuse, im Catholic I just trust what my father says. He makes sense of thr Bible for me.

    barrelracer Feb 1 '12, 2:15AM

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