BFF'S Test / to Leah, Aksinia, And Anita.

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This test is to see how will do you know me. And it will tell you were you are in the Bff's graph. In the graph there are 4 places . 1st place is the BESTTTT friend . 2nd place in the Best friend. 3ed place is is just a Friend . And 4th place is the Unfriended son you came not get out .

This test will determine if i should stay friend with you . But if you go lower than 3th place that means that Sorry we cant be friends. By the way this test is about ANIME!!!!!! The best thing that ever happened in my life. And lets see how you did

Created by: Rozy

  1. Who is my crush?
  2. What are my favorite colors ( at lest 3)
  3. What is my favorite type of Music?
  4. What is my favorite song?
  5. What is my favorite ANIMAL?
  6. What is my favorite fruits?
  7. What are all of my Bff's names?
  8. What ia my favorite drink?
  9. What is my favorite book?
  10. What would i rather do with my friends?

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