Guess what? This is not a love story where several hot guys are all over you and you have to pick one (no offense). This is a thriller with romance. And your character is pretty fragile one.

This is my first quiz. So please go easy on me if you don't like my quiz. And give me ideas on how i can do better. I created this while i was sad and wanting to get my mind off things.

Created by: Bionca

  1. Your name is Kelly Brown. You're very quiet and shy person. You're 5'2. You have very long straight Platinum Blond hair, Champagne Brown eyes, baby pink lips that turns lush red if you cry or blush. And you have very clear porcelein skin. Overall you'll make even the most sexiest person look ordinary in front of you. Only a year ago you moved from Chelsea, England to Washington DC, USA to live with your big brother after your partents died.
  2. Your brother name is Kevin Brown. His friends call him Kev. He has jet black hair, about 6feet 2inches and the world's bluest eyes. He's married and have a daughter. His wife rekoned he was a dead ringer for Mel gibson, which he scoffed at but secretly liked. He works in DCA (Drug control administration) and very protective about you.
  3. Your sister-in-law name is Marsha. 5'6 and has bronze hair and midnight-black eyes. She's an american and met your brother when he lived is England. After joining DCA he moved to the states with her. You two are like sisters and she cares about you alot. Your Niece name is Aida, she's 5yrs old.
  4. Now we can get on with the story. You were reading when your brother shouted the word "hidey-hole" more than two times. You panicked for a few seconds then you ran to the hidey-hole without looking back.
  5. The hidey-hole refers to the secret hiding spot in your house. Because of your brother's job he got alot of enemies. So he made the hiding place if anyone attacks the house. Hidey-hole is a secretword that your family cameup with. So if anyone shouts the word you would automatically know you should go to the secret hiding place.A few minutes later you heard people's voices you don't know, that followed by screamings and crying sounds etc.
  6. You're in shock mode. Its almost 30mins since you came to the hiding spot. You were crying silently. Suddenly you hear a noise of someone calling for you and your family in your front door. You're now more scared and you covered your ears with your hands tightly.
  7. I'm sorry guys this part is too short. And your(kelly brown) looks was based on a girl called Davina who is my classmate. I want some suggestions on how should the mystery guy look. Please help me.
  8. Please rate this quiz.
  9. Please comment this quiz and give me some ideas.
  10. Will you come back for Part 2?

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