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Survivor is an excellent game. This quiz tests you knowledge on Survivor.if you think you know Survivor then take this quizzes. Hopefully you do great. 😄

Hopefully u enjoy this quiz. If you know survivor than take if you don't still take it you might surprise yourself in you intelligence of the great competition.

Created by: Snoopy
  1. What is the name of the first merge tribe in survivor history?
  2. Who is the winner of the first Fans vs Favs?
  3. Where was the 17th season filmed
  4. Who is known for their horrific jury speech to Sugar?
  5. Who called Leif a munchkin and Bill Posley ghetto trash?
  6. Who said "It's just a f** stick"?
  7. Who was first voted off Survivor: San Juan del Sur
  8. Who did the Survivor intro from seasons 1-27?
  9. Who was emotionally unstable?
  10. Who called the her competitors on the Chanoga Mogo tribe "stupid players"?
  11. Which of these alliances was comprised entirely of women?

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