Best Friends Quiz

a genius is who know anything and everything he a+ on everything and everything.......... I an smart but not a genius I get a+ & b+ on somestuff but not all the time

no I am not a genius because sometimes I get c+ on test sometimes but I am very smart very smart mabey I can be in gt but I am not able to make it who cares

Created by: mikkayla

  1. If your friend ask your crush out What would you do
  2. What is your Favorite color?
  3. What is your favorite pet?
  4. You are getting on a diet what does your friend say?
  5. you got a new haircut what does your friend say
  6. If you lied to your friend about your boyfriend what do you do
  7. HOW OLD are you?
  8. what is your favorite singer?
  9. what is your favorite sports
  10. favorite family member
  11. What if your mom was pregnant what would you ask for a baby brother or sister
  12. If you had a sister what would you do to her

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